February 2015

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Difference between DIT and Data Manager?

Cameras, Post Production

In the past few years, we’ve been hearing more and more about a new on-set position: DIT or Digital Imaging Technician, or a Data Manager. Why are these mysterious editor-like crew members sitting at their computer all day seemingly just watching status bars and percentages all day? Are they a DIT or a Data Manager? Why do we need them?

Canon 5Ds and 5Ds R: First Thoughts

Cameras, Cinematography

With the announcement of the Canon 5Ds and 5Ds R, the most recent entry in its line of DSLR cameras, the cinematographers of Decade Pictures couldn’t be more excited to see what kind of images the next generation of Canon cameras are capable of producing.

Weighing in at a feathery one pound and fourteen ounces, and staying true to Canon’s ergonomically superior designs of its previous iterations, this camera looks to become a handheld camera operators new best friend.