Canon 5Ds and 5Ds R: First Thoughts

Canon 5Ds and 5Ds R: First Thoughts

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With the announcement of the Canon 5Ds and 5Ds R, the most recent entry in its line of DSLR cameras, the cinematographers of Decade Pictures couldn’t be more excited to see what kind of images the next generation of Canon cameras are capable of producing.

Weighing in at a feathery one pound and fourteen ounces, and staying true to Canon’s ergonomically superior designs of its previous iterations, this camera looks to become a handheld camera operators new best friend.

This of course is welcome news at Decade Pictures because often times, when covering interviews and other corporate and professional shoots, it’s extremely difficult to get the desired image with some of the bulkier cameras available on the market today.

Some of the new test photos have been appearing on various sites across the internet recently and it looks like Canon has managed to maintain their unique ability to capture a stunningly beautiful image across a wide spectrum of natural light availability. With a 50 megapixel full frame sensor and the ability to have pristine images at much lower ISOs. This is huge for run and gun projects where there isn’t time or money for lens changes and big lighting setups.

The addition of the ability to save stills and video on SD or CF only makes it easier for shooters on the go, who need to work extremely efficiently to make sure the needs of our clients are met to the best of our abilities. It doesn’t hurt that along with the improved on-camera monitor, the ability to use your favorite and most trusted external recorder remains a great option to record video with lower compression rates and higher color depth through the mini HDMI out.

With 4K everything in our midsts the question still remains, why isn’t Canon trying to compete with the Sony a7S and the GH4? The only thing we can think of here at Decade Pictures is that they are separating their 4K camera lines strictly for professionals.

With all of the effort being made by Canon to ensure their video DSLR line of cameras remain a top of the line low budget option in a rapidly expanding professional market, we think this camera might end up being a worthwhile companion to their professional C-series.

Article by
Cristopher Rosario